Web Metrics Tool Used to Monitor Number of Website Visitors

To find out the number of visitors on the website, there are many processes that we have to do. The process itself cannot be done easily. Every website visitor must be collected, measured, analyzed and then presented in the form of a report first so that we can determine how many visitors are visiting the website. To make it easier for us to monitor the number of visitors, we can take advantage of the web metrics tool that is currently available. Through this tool, we don’t need to do activities that take up a lot of time.

With the development of technology today, there are many web metrics tools available to find out the number of visitors on the website. To find out about the web metrics tool, see the review below:

  1. Google analystics
    The first web metrics tool that we can use to monitor the number of website visitors is Google analystics. We can use this one tool for free without being charged at all. Through this tool, we can find out the types of keywords that can bring web visitors. Google analystics works automatically in creating website reports. The reports provided by this tool are in the form of traffic sources. In analyzing web visitors, Google analysts takes a lot of time.
  2. Spring metrics
    Spring metrics is another tool that can generate information in the form of website visitors. The advantage of this tool is the presentation of data that looks simple and understandable to users. Because of the simplicity of presenting the data, many Google analysts have turned to the Spring metrics tool. Through Spring metrics, we can get real time visitor count analysis, email performance reports, traffic sources and keyword analysis. The first time we signed up for this tool, we could enjoy premium fitir services for 2 weeks.
  3. Woopra
    Similar to Spring metrics, Woopra can also offer a feature to monitor the number of website visitors in real time. This tool will show visitor data statistics, web pages visited and the location of the website visitors. Various online gaming sites like Agenbola108.cc use this tool to view visitors’ stats and can interact directly with website visitors. Woopra is a very appropriate web metrics tool for e-commerce business people. This one tool can be used for free.
  4. Clicky
    If we want to monitor the number of website visitors, Clicky is another tool that we can use for free. Real time analysis can be done by Clicky. The Spy View feature that is owned by this free tool can provide information to us about the actions taken by website visitors. Clicky is also included in the mobile application which makes monitoring the number of visitors easier.
  5. Mint
    Mint can also monitor the number of website visitors. This one tool is a tool that can provide web visitor data in real time. The Mint tool can also find out the origin of web visitors and information on the pages visited by visitors. Peppermill is a subsidiary of Mint that can be used according to the needs of its users. There is also a free add-on variant that we can add to the Mint tool. That’s an explanation of the five web metrics tools that we can use to monitor the origin and number of website visitors.

Why You Should Choose Jetpack by Automattic for WordPress Statistic Plugins

Jetpack by Automattic

One of the effective ways for the website owner to check if the WordPress site is successful or not is by installing a visitor counter plugin. Nowadays, there are many WordPress Plugins providers which offer more than a visitor counter. One of them is Jetpack Automattic. Here are five advantages that you could have by using Jetpack Automattic.

It Offers Many Features
By installing the Jetpack plugins, you will get more features than other plugins. You could design and customize your WordPress site with many themes that suitable with various sites. You also will get the delivery network of high-speed image and video. Since it is made by Automattic which is also a company that makes and maintains WordPress, this plugin could integrate smoothly with the official WordPress mobile apps.

It Offers Many Features

Great Tool to Measure the Marketing and Performance
Jetpacks offer site stats and analytics that could be explored by admin. You will get an updated site traffic, site searches, comments, popular posts all in the real time. You will also be able to schedule in advance for the post in your social media sites. The readers also will be shown automatically the related content, so it will help to increase the page views.

It Has Reliable Backups and Security Services
By using Jetpacks plugin, you will be less worry about how secure the system is. It offers malware scanning, automated threat solution, and also has the secure logins with optional two times authentication. You also will not be afraid with loss of your date since it also features daily backups for the entire pages in the website.

Faster Performance
Jetpacks also claim that the load pages faster and it will help to improve the speed of the website. The Jetpack’s site accelerator also will control your SEO, and provide the analytics by images and static file from Jetpack’s global network of servers so you will use less bandwidth usage

Free and Paid Service
Jetpacks offer two kinds of service; free and paid one. The Paid Service divided into three categories: Personal which starts from USD$ 3.9 per month, Premium that will cost USD$ 9 per month and Professional which costs USD$ 29 per month. Of course, when the cost is higher it will give more features. Nevertheless, the free Jetpacks also offers many basic features that you can try first before investing in the paid service.

JetPacks by Automattic gives more benefits for the user and not only in the scope of giving the data of visitors and the popular posts. With more than five million active installations, JetPacks become one of the popular plugins that WordPress users use for many purposes.

How to Choose Free Widget for Counter Visitor

How to Choose Free Widget for Counter Visitor

Every website and page owner needs to embed a widget that can help them count the visitors of their website and page. Yet, not all widgets out there are worth trying. Find out the criteria of recommended free widget for counter visitor below:

Simple yet Comprehensive
The first criterion of free widget for counter visitor that you should always keep in mind is that it should be simple yet comprehensive. The counter should give you a simple graphical counter, simple tracking system, and simply text counter, all of which, although simple, can provide you with comprehensive and clear visitor stats for you. Choosing a simple counter visitor here doesn’t mean choosing just any widget. The information offered by the widget must be complete. The widget may be simple but it still needs to be thorough.

No Registration
The next criterion of recommended free widget for counter visitor you should always consider is the absence of registration. A recommended widget for counter visitor should be able to be used immediately without the need of signing up or such things. It is important to choose widget for counter visitor that doesn’t require you to provide first and last name, email address, address, and other personal data. If that is what happens when you are using a widget for counter visitor, your personal data will always be completely safe. Don’t bother using a widget for counter visitor that requires you to input many personal data. The maker of the widget may end up using your personal data for something else.

There are lots of free widgets for counter visitor out there. Yet, always make sure that you choose the ones that is simple yet comprehensive and the ones requiring you no registration. Choose your widget wisely while keeping your personal data safely as well.

Simple Visitor Counter Widget

Free Widget for Counter Visitor

A Free Widget for Counter Visitor You Should Try!

The need of having a free widget for counter visitor is inevitable. This widget is needed to give owner of web pages a clear picture of who have visited their page. Although what is needed is a free widget, it doesn’t mean we can use just any widget for counter visitor. If you don’t know what widget to use, you may have never heard of Simple Visitor Counter Widget.

Simple Visitor Counter Widget in Brief
To begin with, let’s see what kind of widget for counter visitor it is. This widget gives a clear picture of daily, weekly, and even monthly count of visitors of a web page. This widget can even help you count the up to date page traffic thoroughly and also safely. Besides, this widget is also able to show you the current visitors of your web page.

Simple Visitor Counter Widget

How to Use the Widget
In addition to the accurate display of page visitors, this widget is also simple to use. If you want to use this widget, you only need to download it then install the widget thru the directory of WordPress. You can install Simple Visitor Counter Widget in any widget, footer, or sidebar that is provided by the theme of your webpage. That’s all what you need to do to use this widget.

The Advantages
Another reason why you should try this widget is that Simple Visitor Counter Widget is easy to use and to setup. The use and also the setup of this widget only take few seconds. Besides, this widget is also very easy to download. What you need is just click on the button of download and the extract the downloaded document from a .zip file. Last but not least, this widget has no 3rd party and is free!

What else can we ask from a free widget for counter visitor? Simple Visitor Counter Widget has it all already. Go get it and install it at your web page soon!