Five Reasons Why You Need to Choose the Google Analytics Counter Tracker by WPAdm

Five Reasons Why You Need to Choose the Google Analytics Counter Tracker by WPAdm – There are many free visitor counter plugins available in WordPress nowadays. You can display how many visitors to your website daily, weekly and monthly. Sometimes you can get confused which plugins that you should use. The Google Analytics Counter Tracker is one of the plugins that is widely used.

– It is Easy to Use
This WordPress plugin is not complicated to use. what you need to do is to download from Then you will need to follow the simple instructions provided and you are ready to use it. You will need to have a Google Analytics account first, so you could link it to your analytics counter. Google Analytic Counter Tracker also has the support system which you can ask questions or report a bug. You can visit the website for any problems related to your site.

– There are Lots of Data That You Can Get
There are lots of data that you can get from this WordPress plugins including the overview of your audiences that can show about the page views, sessions and the duration, most popular pages and the most search keywords. You also can see which most countries by users that visit your page, identify your users by knowing the location, city and the browser. It also could show the statistics not only by day, week and month as other plugins but also hour and year.

– It is Fully-Compatible
This plugin is fully compatible with the WordPress which means you will get flawless experience when you download and use this plugin. With more than 40,000 active installations and 5 stars review, this plugin offers mobile-friendly design.

– It Supports Multiple Languages
This WordPress plugins offer multilingual analytics such as English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polski, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

– It is Free
Of course, this is also one of the most important aspects when choosing the visitor counter plugin. There is no hidden cost of this plugin. You also no need to be worried when you need to make a Google Analytic account first before you are able to use this service because the account is also free.

To summarize, Google Analytics Counter Tracker by WPAdm gave many benefits for the users such as the more detail statistics about the total visitor, support many languages, it is fully compatible and also free. So, do not hesitate to install this WordPress plugin to your website.


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