Simple Visitor Counter Widget

A Free Widget for Counter Visitor You Should Try!

The need of having a free widget for counter visitor is inevitable. This widget is needed to give owner of web pages a clear picture of who have visited their page. Although what is needed is a free widget, it doesn’t mean we can use just any widget for counter visitor. If you don’t know what widget to use, you may have never heard of Simple Visitor Counter Widget.

Simple Visitor Counter Widget in Brief
To begin with, let’s see what kind of widget for counter visitor it is. This widget gives a clear picture of daily, weekly, and even monthly count of visitors of a web page. This widget can even help you count the up to date page traffic thoroughly and also safely. Besides, this widget is also able to show you the current visitors of your web page.

Simple Visitor Counter Widget

How to Use the Widget
In addition to the accurate display of page visitors, this widget is also simple to use. If you want to use this widget, you only need to download it then install the widget thru the directory of WordPress. You can install Simple Visitor Counter Widget in any widget, footer, or sidebar that is provided by the theme of your webpage. That’s all what you need to do to use this widget.

The Advantages
Another reason why you should try this widget is that Simple Visitor Counter Widget is easy to use and to setup. The use and also the setup of this widget only take few seconds. Besides, this widget is also very easy to download. What you need is just click on the button of download and the extract the downloaded document from a .zip file. Last but not least, this widget has no 3rd party and is free!

What else can we ask from a free widget for counter visitor? Simple Visitor Counter Widget has it all already. Go get it and install it at your web page soon!


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