The Top List of Free Widget For Counter Visitor

The use of free widget for counter visitor is almost a must in any sites. There are plenty reasons why the developers do so. One of them is tracking the statistic, reviewing which posting works better than others. Therefore, many administrators are hunting for the best and free budget widget for their site.
This is one of the oldest and also the most popular widget counter among developers. It is a great support for those who are interested to monitor the overall visit. The widget could provide details of which article receives more attention, the country and the number of visitors per day. The users are also allowed to use map to show the countries.

Instead of reading the overall data, some administrators are adopting the costumer centered concept. Thus, personal visiting record will be much more preferred. In this case, clicktale would be the right widget to use. It keeps record of each visitors; from the first article they read until the last page they were at. There is also a record of visiting duration. Moreover, clicktale provides “heat map”, which refer to the most visited page.

The Top List of Free Widget For Counter Visitor

Who says free widget couldn’t be strong and details? Just take a look at clicky. It provides detailed information about the page visiting. It is also mentioned as the competitor for the other bigger names. Clicky is able to track the real time tracking record. If the users want to use more features, simply upgrade to paid versions! The free version is great, but the record is limited to 3000 views per day.

Try to look for Free Widget for Counter Visitor and the users will get tons of recommendation. The fastest way to get the best options is asking the experts or reading the review. Wanna try the recommended widget above?


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