How to Choose Free Widget for Counter Visitor

Every website and page owner needs to embed a widget that can help them count the visitors of their website and page. Yet, not all widgets out there are worth trying. Find out the criteria of recommended free widget for counter visitor below:

Simple yet Comprehensive
The first criterion of free widget for counter visitor that you should always keep in mind is that it should be simple yet comprehensive. The counter should give you a simple graphical counter, simple tracking system, and simply text counter, all of which, although simple, can provide you with comprehensive and clear visitor stats for you. Choosing a simple counter visitor here doesn’t mean choosing just any widget. The information offered by the widget must be complete. The widget may be simple but it still needs to be thorough.

No Registration
The next criterion of recommended free widget for counter visitor you should always consider is the absence of registration. A recommended widget for counter visitor should be able to be used immediately without the need of signing up or such things. It is important to choose widget for counter visitor that doesn’t require you to provide first and last name, email address, address, and other personal data. If that is what happens when you are using a widget for counter visitor, your personal data will always be completely safe. Don’t bother using a widget for counter visitor that requires you to input many personal data. The maker of the widget may end up using your personal data for something else.

There are lots of free widgets for counter visitor out there. Yet, always make sure that you choose the ones that is simple yet comprehensive and the ones requiring you no registration. Choose your widget wisely while keeping your personal data safely as well.


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