WordPress Friendly Free Widget For Counter Visitor

The most popular site to install free widget for counter visitor is wordpress. Many people use this free site makers, as the template is easy to use and the steps are easy to follow. Within minutes, the wordpress account could be ready. Now, it is time to find widget that has good compatibility with wordpress.

– StatCounter
More than 500.000 users have downloaded the widget for their wordpress. Thanks to the popularity, it also gets the highest review among the other widgets. The experienced users love how they could monitor the most searched keyword, visitor path, and many other activities on the sites.

– Mechanic Visitor Counter
Simplicity is the key of its success. No hustle found while downloading the file. Wait for a moment to allow the uploading and installation process. After the widget has been successfully installed, simply drag it to the desired place. The widget starts working immediately, showing the total visit, today’s visitor, today’s hit, etc.

– Pulse Map Visitor World Map
Looking for a fancy way to show the visitors’ data? Then try this widget. Instead of boring box with numbers, it shows a map with blinking lights. As expected, the lights show the visitors location. Those who add the widget loves how the counter could serve as the accessory as well.

– Traffic Stats Widget
For an administrators who loves filtering and sorting the visitors’ data, then install no other than traffic stats widget. It technically gives the access to sort the track records. It could be by day, by articles, etc. The direction is so simple and clear as well. There is no need of manual book.

Believe it or not, some free widget for counter visitor couldn’t work properly in wordpress setting. There are lots of reasons, but the users are not buying it. They want something nice for their site. Taking one of the suggestion above is the most effective.


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