Why You Should Choose Jetpack by Automattic for WordPress Statistic Plugins

One of the effective ways for the website owner to check if the WordPress site is successful or not is by installing a visitor counter plugin. Nowadays, there are many WordPress Plugins providers which offer more than a visitor counter. One of them is Jetpack Automattic. Here are five advantages that you could have by using Jetpack Automattic.

It Offers Many Features
By installing the Jetpack plugins, you will get more features than other plugins. You could design and customize your WordPress site with many themes that suitable with various sites. You also will get the delivery network of high-speed image and video. Since it is made by Automattic which is also a company that makes and maintains WordPress, this plugin could integrate smoothly with the official WordPress mobile apps.

It Offers Many Features

Great Tool to Measure the Marketing and Performance
Jetpacks offer site stats and analytics that could be explored by admin. You will get an updated site traffic, site searches, comments, popular posts all in the real time. You will also be able to schedule in advance for the post in your social media sites. The readers also will be shown automatically the related content, so it will help to increase the page views.

It Has Reliable Backups and Security Services
By using Jetpacks plugin, you will be less worry about how secure the system is. It offers malware scanning, automated threat solution, and also has the secure logins with optional two times authentication. You also will not be afraid with loss of your date since it also features daily backups for the entire pages in the website.

Faster Performance
Jetpacks also claim that the load pages faster and it will help to improve the speed of the website. The Jetpack’s site accelerator also will control your SEO, and provide the analytics by images and static file from Jetpack’s global network of servers so you will use less bandwidth usage

Free and Paid Service
Jetpacks offer two kinds of service; free and paid one. The Paid Service divided into three categories: Personal which starts from USD$ 3.9 per month, Premium that will cost USD$ 9 per month and Professional which costs USD$ 29 per month. Of course, when the cost is higher it will give more features. Nevertheless, the free Jetpacks also offers many basic features that you can try first before investing in the paid service.

JetPacks by Automattic gives more benefits for the user and not only in the scope of giving the data of visitors and the popular posts. With more than five million active installations, JetPacks become one of the popular plugins that WordPress users use for many purposes.


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