Why StatCounter is a Free Widget for Counter Visitor You Should Consider

There is a certain emergence nowadays in online world. It is about online business, online sales, online shopping platforms, and any other things related to this online era. That being said, it is obviously needed for business owners to use a free widget for counter visitor. Of all widgets out there, StatCounter is immensily worth using. Why so?

StatCounter in Brief
StatCounter is such a revolutionary tool in answering the need of counting visitors. This widget is able to provide the users with detailed and complete statistical insight into the visitor traffic. This widget is also able to provide its users with the counts of anyone currently online, any visitors coming by yesterday, as well as the overall count. The users can really benefit from those insights especially for formulating new technique of sales, devising strategies of marketing, promoting particular products, and others.

The Comprehensive Statistics
What is so great about StatCounter is that it can provide the users with comprehensive statistics. StatCounter enables the users to obtain comprehensive insights of visitors last day, per day, currently online, and overall count. This widget is also able to provide comprehensive insights of the number of visitors the website gets every day. Those statistical data will surely be beneficial in identifying which days of the week and of which week of the month the website is getting the most attention from visitors. This is surely of excellent help for business owners who are planning to feature a live chat or such assistance to the users logging in at the website at a particular point of time.

StatCounter is such a free widget for counter visitor every website owner and business owner needs. This widget’s ability to do the business is so awesome and is so beneficial. Do you want to give it a try?


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