These are the 5 Best Free Visitor Counter Widgets 2021

The free visitor counter widget is a website that makes it easy for you to customize it through a plugin. Now if you want to do a plugin, you don’t need to be confused there are lots of sites that you can try.
And fortunately, some of these counter visitor sites can be obtained for free without requiring payment at all. By using this plugin site, of course there are lots of conveniences that you can get. Here are some of the sites:

WP Visitor Statistics
WP Visitor Statistics is a site that will help you to track how many visitors visit a site. There are so many types that are seen starting from the location, operating system, IP Address and various other things. With the features above, of course you will not regret if you want to do a plugin. You can also use this as internal data if you want to determine what the best server location is based on the type of content being searched for. To find this site is easy, there are two types, namely free and paid. The trick is to visit the dashboard on the WordPress admin. Then just select the Plugin menu and select Add New, then you can directly type “WP Visitor Statistics”.

Page Visit Counter
Page Visit Counter is the second site that has been used by developers. On average, this site also provides a variety of visitor plugins that can be used in WordPress. By using the Page Visitor Counter, you can see various amazing impressions from users. Apart from that, you will also see some intuitive interfaces. You will even be given the freedom to customize. So it is still very safe to use and is ensured to be user friendly. There are also several main features that you can get at the Page Visit Counter. You can check the check box on the settings page. Then to find the difference can be seen from the existing search capabilities on the page title.

WPS Visitor Counter Plugin
Then the third type of site is the WPS Visitor Counter Plugin. This site can be said to be the best site because it can help website owners to find out how many visitors there are. Even this site is also equipped with a full range of features. With the presence of this feature, you will easily manage the website. So this site is very suitable for use by developers. In fact, there is a lot of data that can be generated starting from per day, per 7 days and others. This will allow you to see the total number of visitors. You can even view the website at the same time. Starting from the ip address, browser information, operating system and country location.

Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics
While the last site does not need to be doubted because this site has reached more than 40 thousand users. Of course, this site has always been a mainstay site for some people who want to use it. The advantage is that there are lots of dashboard displays that are displayed starting from an attractive appearance, accurate calculation statistics to being able to capture keyword queries easily. So this will make you show the keywords that users are looking for directly.
Those are some plugin sites that have a lot of convenience in them. For those of you who are curious about various plugin sites, you can just use one of them. Want to try? Try it right now.


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