The Advantages of Using a Web Counter

When you visit a website, sometimes you will see on the right or left side is the number of visitors on the website. That’s a visible visitor counter widget. Most websites have these statistics but shown only for admin which means it is invisible on the website. There are lots of benefits to

A Measurement Tool for Your Website
Using a web counter is important for the website owner to measure if the website already effective or not. If the number of visitors is still lower than what the website owner expects, the owner could consider improving the website by changing the layout and design, put more unique content and etc.

It Offers More Than a Visitor Counter
Most web counter plugins providers offer more than a visitor counter by day, week, month and a year. There are also some plugins providers such as W3Counter Free Real-Time Web Stats which offer more benefits such as knowing the top countries of visitors, the top searches and popular post. It could help the website owner to analyze if the website already hit the right target of the market and which topic that the users visit more.

It is a Great Marketing Campaign
Some web counter plugins could be shown in the sidebar of the main page. This could be a great marketing campaign for the business. When the users can see a big number of visitors it could gain the confidence from the user to explore the web page or to purchase the product from the website. Another benefit will be to gain more advertisers to your web page. when the advertisers see the big number of visitors, they will be more convinced to place the advertisement on the website.

It is an Easy Plugin to Install and Use for a Beginner
Most web counter plugins are very easy to use for a beginner. You will need to download and read the instruction to install it to your WordPress. It also shows the data statistics that are easy to read and support multiple languages. Some of recommended visitor counter free plugins are Google Analytics Counter Tracker WordPress Plugin, ADS-WP Site Count Plugin, Who Hit the Page Visitor Counter WordPress Plugin and W3Counter Free Real-Time Web Stats.

To summarize, installing a web counter plugin in the WordPress site will help you to measure the effectiveness of the website, whether you have the right target or not for the visitors and to know about which pages that they visitors are interested more from the website.


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