The Advantages of Showing a Web Counter in Your Website

One of the easy ways to measure the effectiveness of the website is by seeing how many total visitors on the website. Some web counters offer the service of showing the numbers on the website page. Here are the reasons why you need to show a web counter on your website page.

An Advertising Campaign for Your Website
By showing how many total visitors in the sidebar of the website, it could attract the visitors to stay in your website and explore the pages. Visitors will be more convinced with the content of the website when there are many visitors and also how many users are online at the same time. Therefore, many websites especially web forums prefer to have this web counter visible in the sidebar of the main page.

People are Encouraged to Open the Popular Posts
Another option that people show in the sidebar of the website is not only the total visitor by day, week and month. But they also put the information about the top countries of the visitors and the popular posts and searches. It could help the visitors to see what other visitors mostly search on the website page. It could also attract more visitors to click the popular posts that have been viewed by other visitors.

Showing which topics that are popular from your website could help the visitors to know if this is what they are looking for. For instance, if a visitor plan to have a Europe trip and see that this is a popular topic on your website, he or she will explore more for this topic from your website.

It Attracts for Potential Advertisers
Most websites make money from the advertisement page on their website. By showing the web counter in the sidebar of your main page, you can maintain the advertisers to keep their advertisement page in your website since they will know that their advertisements have been viewed by total numbers of visitors. When you have many visitors to your website, it also could attract potential advertisers. They will be more confident to place the advertisement in your website pages when they know that there will be many users visit the website so the chance of their advertisement being seen by the users is higher.

Therefore, seeing the benefits of showing a Web Counter on Your Website page, you may consider using this service. It is also easy to find this plugin since there are many free or paid web counter plugins that you can find online.


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