Recommended Products of Counter Visitor on Your Website

Nowadays, companies equip themselves with websites. The purpose of having a website is to introduce the company and its products to the society. One way that companies use to check how well their products are known by knowing the visitors on the website. There are many free widgets offered for the website to count the visitors who come daily.

WP Visitor Statistics – Help Analyze The Complete Data of Visitors
This widget will help you to analyze visitors who visit the website. The given information will include the browser type, the location, the operation system, IP address, until the reference source of the visitors. Those features are really important to support the internal data optimize process, so it can be the base to decide the best server location or data center and also the best content that visitors like.

This website offers free product and premium product as well. Like they also offer the same thing. The difference, of course, will be on its feature. As a trial, you’d better try the free version one, so you know how well the widget is for your website and its improvement. If it is worth for your website, it is highly suggested to take the premium one.

Page Visit Counter – Easy to Custom, User Friendly, and Very Intuitive
There are a lot of widgets for counter visitor, but this one is highly recommended for everyone. It offers sophisticated visitors impression. You will see a user-friendly, easy to custom and very intuitive interface. This widget might be one stop service for the improvement of your website.

What makes this widget different is its ability to search based on the title of the page and the date when articles were published. For companies who have a lot of admin and employees, there is also a block IP feature, so any admin visitation record will not be counted as organic data in the history.

Widgets for counting website visitors are really important to see the growth of visitors and the awareness of society toward the product. Having widgets like WP Visitor Statistics and Page Visit Counter will ease the task of companies to track down visitors’ data. As a result, companies can focus more on gaining the products.


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