Increasing Your Selling With Free Widget For Counter Visitor

How many functions of free widget for counter visitor users know? First of all, it is used to list the number of visitors and their articles or pages preference. Is it the end? With this kind of statistic, there are more functions to increase selling. How does it work?

– The System
The counter widget could help online store to increase sales by giving lots of social proof. It includes the testimonials or even the profile of the buyers. Thus, the new visitors could see the real buyers number that have bought the products. This trick is very effective to lure new visitors to make a purchase.

Now that the administrator understands the favorite products, a sale period could be published. Upon seeing the notification, the visitors might think it is the only opportunity to get the special offer. Moreover, if there are lots of buyers who have bought similar products.

– Free Or Paid?
All the strong tactics to increase sale from this widget counter could be accessed for free for seven days only. Enjoy the greatest support from a widget for users’ sites. The administrators could even monitor the visit via tablet or smart phones. The setting is fully responsive to smaller size screen.

On day eight, however, the counter support is no longer available. The users have two choice: take down the widget or pay fair amount of money to upgrade the widget. The price is neither too high or too low. For monthly payment, it only takes around $3 per month.

While selling things online, the free widget for counter visitor plays even more essential role more than just a mere counter. For example, the administrator could track which product is sold more, which trend gains more costumers, etc. Probably the only turn down is the payment after free trial session ends.


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