Steps to Put Counter Widget on Your Website

Steps to Put Counter Widget on Your Website – Do you want to know the traffic of your website visitors? Well, you don’t need any problematic programming technique nor any expensive app to do the task. You only need a visitor counter widget installed on your website, and then you can see the status of your website. You can get it in just a few steps.
• Choose Your Style
First, of first things, you need to choose the counter’s style. You can find the one which fit your website style. You can also customize your counter style in several free counter website. You can request to make your design or tell them the detail you want.

Not only the visible one, but you can make the counter invisible so only you that know how popular your website without display it. Although it is essential, a visible visitor counter may give your website an out-of-date vibe. If you don’t want this kind of vibe, you are free to choose the invisible one.

• Get the Code
After choosing the style, then you can generate the code from the website. This step is only possible if you use the service of free visitor counter website since other apps may need more steps. But why you need extra steps when you can generate the code in an instant? If there is a simple way to get money by placing the bets on, why should you choose other complicated ways?

Counter Widget on Your Website

• Paste the Code
The last step is to paste the code on your website, or the right term is to embed your code on your website. Simply open the HTML page of your website and paste the code, then you are done. You can see the counter on your website, and you can definitely depend on the counter in counting your website visitor.

In some app, you can change the style of visitor counter freely by just changing the style code number. The app’s website will provide you with a list of the style and the code number, and then you can change the style whenever you want. It is so simple yet so essential to help you with your website and business. Let’s try it now.


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