Recommended 4 Free Counter Visitor Widget Plugins You Can Try

Now there are lots of free counter visitor widget plugins that you can find. In fact, there are a lot of various features that you can rely on. With these conveniences, of course, you will be given the ease of knowing how many people have visited your site. In this day and age there are lots of plugins that you can try. But in choosing a plugin, you have to be right, don’t make the wrong choice. Because if you choose the wrong one, it will be fatal to a website. How? Interested in knowing the plugins?

WP Visitor Statistics
WP Visitor Statistics is the first plugin that you can use to track visitors to a website. There is a lot of information that can be displayed in greetings such as location, operating system, id address and others. In fact, there are lots of various features that you can use to support the internal data optimization process. This can also be one of the steps to determine where the location of a reliable data center is. Make no mistake, even though it has a variety of features, of course, you can get this WP Visitor Statistics plugin for free or paid. To use it is easy, just enter into the WordPress admin dashboard. Then you can directly select the Plugin menu>> add new and enter the name WP Visitor Statistics.

Page Visit Counter
Page Visit Counter is the second plugin that offers great user impressions. When you see how it looks, it’s certainly different when compared to other free counter visitor widget plugins.

There are a lot of various main features that you can run. But first you need to activate it by checking the check box. Usually you can do this by looking at the settings page. One of the striking differences is seen when showing search capabilities. This search capability is carried out based on the page title and the date facility of the recently uploaded article. In addition, there are lots of admins who have certain IP block features.

WPS Visitor Counter Plugin
WPS Visitor Counter Plugin is the third best plugin at the moment. Even the presence of this plugin is able to display various visitors who have been successfully displayed. For bloggers who want to use it, there is no need to be confused, just take advantage of the existing features. Even this feature will give you an easy way to manage your website without the hassle. Even this can be an interesting thing for advertisers who want to try it. There is some data that can be displayed there.

Starting from the number of users per day, the number of visitors the previous day, the number of visitors 7 days up to the total number of visitors. You can also see the number of users who are online at the same time. This is because of the ip address, browser information, operating system to the country location.

Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics
Then there is the Vistor Traffic Real Time Statistics which is unquestionable for its quality. In fact, this plugin has been used by more than 40 thousand users. Of course, this plugin is always relied on by various users.
Now with various free plugins available this can be one of the references. Especially for those of you who want to find plugins, you can directly choose one of these types of plugins. How? Curious?


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