Free Tools to Monitor Web Visitors

When we run a website, it is very important to know the number of visitors who come to the website that we are managing. By knowing the number of web visitors, we can also find out the parties who come to visit the website. Tracking is also useful for knowing the activity of web visitors in real time. By tracking or monitoring, we can also find out what types of content are currently popular, information on the journey of web visitors, information on which pages are most popular with web visitors, and product offerings that attract web visitors.

If we browse properly, there are many tools to monitor the number of web visitors that we can currently use. Of the many types of monitoring tools, it’s good for us to use a monitoring tool that works for free. To find out more clearly about this free monitoring tool, see the review below:

  1. Google analystics
    A well-known and widely used web visitor tracker by users is Google analystics. Apart from working for free, this one tool comes with a variety of features. The real time feature of this tool provides information on the real number of visitors. This feature can also be useful for viewing the performance of the promotions we are running. When setting up this tool, we must first add the tracking code to our website.
  2. Live traffic feeds
    A free monitoring tool that can find out the number of other visitors is the Live traffic feed. This one tool is very easy to use to get information on the number of visitors. This tool will provide feedback directly to website visitors. Through this tool also, we can find out the pages visited and the location where web visitors are located. If you want to take advantage of this tool, the first step that needs to be done is to use the html code and continue by pasting the html code on the site that we have.
  3. Hitsteps
    Real visitor tracking can be done by Hitsteps. We can find out the visitor’s country of origin, pages viewed, browsers used, how visitors found our website and the operating system used through Hitsteps. If visitors fill out information on the form listed on the web, this tool can provide detailed visitor information. This is what causes us to know clearly the figure of a web visitor.
  4. Clicky
    Another free tool that can provide information on the number of website visitors in real time is Clicky. Because it is free and easy to use, many online sites like also use tools to track their visitors and with this tool, we can find out information about the operating system, browser type, language, ISP and web visitor screen resolution using. This tool also features https tracking, an uptime monitor and a website map. With Clicky’s free package, we maximize the appearance of web pages every day.
  5. Supercounters
    Supercounters is a site that presents a widget with the theme of tracking visitor data. Each widget presented by the site comes with a different widget style. All of the widgets that exist will not provide analysis on a professional level. Even so, Supercounters is a very appropriate site for us to use to find out who is visiting the site that we are managing. Below are the types of widgets that are owned by Supercounters:
    • Tab widgets
    • IP address tracking
    • Counter hit
    • Online counters
    • Visitor Map
    • Flag counter

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