5 Free Counter Visitor Widget Plugins That Can Be Mainstay

Now the visitor counter is one of the most important parts on the website. The usefulness of the visitor counter menu is useful for calculating how many visitors are there. Even how to find out is easy to see from the appearance of the website. Of course, the website will display a page that provides information about the total visitors. Starting from a matter of days, weeks or it could be started from the start of the site being launched. Well, certainly curious who the plugin is? You can listen to it below:

WP Visitor Statistics
WP Visitor Statistics is the first plugin that can help you track how many visitors you have. There is a lot of information displayed, of course, must be in accordance with the browser used. Starting from the location, operating system, ip address to the reference source used. In fact, there are a lot of various features that are used. Usually intended to optimize internal data and can determine the location of the center. Basically, this must also be adjusted to the type of content that each person is looking for. In general, there are free and paid plugins called WP Visitor Statistics. The trick is to enter the admin dashboard and then enter the plugin menu.
Page Visit Counter
Then there is a plugin called Page Visit Counter which is a plugin that can compete with other plugins. This is because it looks intuitive, easy to customize and friendly to use by users. To check it is easy, you can visit the check box on the settings page to activate it. The difference is only in the search capability, which can see according to the page title and the date the article was published. Not only that, there is another feature in the form of an IP block that can be used by admins. Especially for those of you who have more than one admin, you can usually use this feature. Even you can still control even if the admin is not active.
WPS Visitor Counter Plugin
Then the third plugin is the WPS Visitor Counter Plugin which makes it easy for the owner to tell the number of visitors. Even the presence of this plugin should be used by bloggers. Not only bloggers, but publishers also have the same opportunity to take advantage of this plugin. The method is also easy because there is a lot of data that will be displayed on the site. Starting from the number of users in a matter per day, the number of visitors on the previous day. Then there is also data on the number of visitors for 7 days to the total number of visitors. You can even see directly how many active users.
Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics
This Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics plugin is famous for a plugin that has 40 thousand users. Of course, there are certainly a lot of users who have used this plugin. This is because this plugin has many features. The advantage is that this plugin is able to provide a comprehensive dashboard view. There are even statistical data for accurate calculations to the ability to capture queries. Not only that, you can even find various features in it. Those are some free plugins that you can get easily. Now if you want to know how many visitors came to your site, just use one of these plugins. How? Interested in visiting it?


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