5 Widgets for Counting Your Blog Visitors

5 Widgets for Counting Your Blog Visitors – Visitor counters are super handy to let us know how many people are visiting, which post is popular, and where are our demographics. This feature can be seen in the blogger dashboard. However, if you are not using .blogspot or wanting a faster way to see your visitor rates, you can use these free widgets:

• Super Counters
Super Counters is your one-stop choice for visitor counters. There are seven types of counters available, such as a simple number counter, tab widget, online visitor counter, visitor tracker (tracks the geographical location), visitor map (does the same thing as visitor tracker, but using worldwide map), flag counter (does the same thing as visitor tracker, but counts the number of visitor form each country instead), and IP address widget (does the same thing as visitor tracker, but using the visitor’s IP address).
You can choose and use these widgets for free even without leaving your email address. This is just as practical as accessing online games through sbobet asia.

• Mechanic Visitor Counter
Looking for a minimalistic counter widget? If so, Mechanic Visitor Counter will be one of the best choices. After all, it offers a simple set of statistics including number counter, today’s visitor, total visitor, today’s hits, total hits, who’s online at the moment, your IP address, and the server time all at the same package. However, this widget only works for WordPress blogs – one thing to mind.

• ClustrMaps
The thing about widgets is that it can be seen by everyone who visits the blog, not just the admins. So, providing every single detail may be a bit too much for the public to see. One way to avoid that problem is by using a counter widget with visuals only such as this cluster map. You can choose between the map and globe widget for free. After applied to your blog, it will pinpoint your visitor’s location on the map of choice.

• Whos Amung Us
The name may sound as sinister as a horror-thriller movie. However, this tracker is actually one of the most popular visitor counters you can get online for free. There are two things that made this counter so popular; the versatility and the details given within the report. It is versatile because you can get six widgets and customize the style for free. The widget itself will only show the live counter of the visitors, but you can click on it for the detailed report.

The best thing about these widgets is that they are free, so anyone can use them without too much consideration. They can be used in blogs, but they will be more functional used in platforms without visitor counter feature.

Steps to Put Counter Widget on Your Website
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Steps to Put Counter Widget on Your Website

Steps to Put Counter Widget on Your Website – Do you want to know the traffic of your website visitors? Well, you don’t need any problematic programming technique nor any expensive app to do the task. You only need a visitor counter widget installed on your website, and then you can see the status of your website. You can get it in just a few steps.
• Choose Your Style
First, of first things, you need to choose the counter’s style. You can find the one which fit your website style. You can also customize your counter style in several free counter website. You can request to make your design or tell them the detail you want.

Not only the visible one, but you can make the counter invisible so only you that know how popular your website without display it. Although it is essential, a visible visitor counter may give your website an out-of-date vibe. If you don’t want this kind of vibe, you are free to choose the invisible one.

• Get the Code
After choosing the style, then you can generate the code from the website. This step is only possible if you use the service of free visitor counter website since other apps may need more steps. But why you need extra steps when you can generate the code in an instant? If there is a simple way to get money by placing the bets on https://poker678.net, why should you choose other complicated ways?

Counter Widget on Your Website

• Paste the Code
The last step is to paste the code on your website, or the right term is to embed your code on your website. Simply open the HTML page of your website and paste the code, then you are done. You can see the counter on your website, and you can definitely depend on the counter in counting your website visitor.

In some app, you can change the style of visitor counter freely by just changing the style code number. The app’s website will provide you with a list of the style and the code number, and then you can change the style whenever you want. It is so simple yet so essential to help you with your website and business. Let’s try it now.

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The Best Website Visitor Counters for You

The Best Website Visitor Counters for You – A website visitor counter is something that you must have especially if you really want to keep updating the development of your site well. This particular program will definitely assist you counting the visitors of your website as well as analyze the data optimally. So then you will be able to find out the visitors of your website really are in the easier way for sure. Fortunately, there are some options of the best website tracking program that you can choose. So, let’s figure them out below.
– Visitor Counter for HTML
One of the best website visitor counting programs that you better select is Visitor Counter for HTML. This specific program will allow you to manage the amount of the visitors and run your website nicely. Not only that, it can also help you to identify the most trending contents that most of your visitors viewed in a particular time. It means that you will have the better opportunity to find out what really attracts the attention of the people, so that you can take an advantage of it to develop your business in the best way possible. Besides, it has so many great features to offer to you, which can be ranging from the customizable color schemes to the notable numerous templates. All of them will make this program have a friendly display to inform you all about the traffic of your website practically. Well, there is a customer service center that you can contact whenever you find some difficulties. In addition to this, you can start using this for free no matter what your website is. Thus, you will never regret it once you have added it to your website.


– VisiCount
Furthermore, the other best website visitor counter for you is VisiCount by Traf-Sys. This splendid program will be emphasized on extracting the important data points of your business and also exporting, organizing, and making sense of your traffic data as you receive it. So then, you can use these data in order to help you to choose the right marketing strategy, make the staffing decisions, and foster your business more positively. Aside of that, it can make you able to analyze the trends that your visitors like the most in the exact time. It means that you can direct your business to suit the demands of your website visitors effortlessly without spending too much time and energy. Additionally, you can get this program by connecting to its team on its official website or social media.

Free Visitor Counter Tool Recommendations
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Free Visitor Counter Tool Recommendations

Free Visitor Counter Tool Recommendations – Owning a website may give you a lot of convenience in promoting your business. The consumer candidates can visit your website to get to know your product or service more. You don’t need to explain things repeatedly, and you can do other things. However, you may find it challenging to count website visitors. Talk no more; you can use one of these tools.
• Free Counter Stat
The website freecounterstat.com provides free web pages hit and visitors counters with a wide range of styles. You don’t need to submit an email to get a customizable hit counter tool. You can directly choose the graphic and use the counter right away.

They claim that you can get the web counters in a quick, simple step, and also free. Not only that, but you also don’t need to use particular uncommon internet browser since it can be applied to Chrome, Dragon Comodo, and Opera.

Want a personal custom counter? Say no more. You need to write to this website, and you can customize your counter in no time. They give an all-out service for the customers just like https://homebet88.online, which offers top-notch service for its players. So, you can get to know your website popularity, simply by looking at the widget. Then you can plan what you should improve next.

• Stat-counter.org
In a rush to get a website counter? Visit stat-counter.org now and generate your widget now. There are various designs of the counter, yet if you want the simple one, you can get it in no time. Just in several steps, you can already see the widget on your website.

However, you can also choose counter with a comprehensive statistic from this website so you can analyze additional information and trend in visitor footfall. The widget from this website makes all of them possible so you can get the exact data of visitor each day. You can get any counter you want without any registration, and it is just a simple HTML code.

You can choose one of them, and whichever is your choice, you can get the benefit from the counter widget in no time. It helps to improve your website, and it means to enhance your business too. Customize the widget, so it fits your website theme is also not a bad idea.

Choosing the Various Types of Widget Free Counter Visitor
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Choosing the Various Types of Widget Free Counter Visitor

Choosing the Various Types of Widget Free Counter Visitor – If you are having a website to promote your product or share your opinion, you can design it with several features. If you want to know the number of visitors that see your website, you can use the widget counter visitor. This widget will count the number of visitors every single time and show it on your website. Then, you can know how many visitors each day. Well, you don’t need to worry that you may need to purchase these counter visitors since there are many widget free counter visitors that can be chosen.

The first one is the free counter visitors from blogcounter4free.com. This provider offers 100% free of the counter visitor that can be chosen in several systems such as Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, and other systems. How to install the widget counter visitor? Well, you need to go to their website. Then, you just need to click the “Create a Counter” button on their website. After that, you can type the website or blog URL in the first box.

Then, you can set the widget counter preferences and choose the best widget counter styles based on your needs and your will. After that, you can click the “Get My Code” button and get the generated code. Then, you can go to your website as an admin and paste the generated code in the HTML or PHP page. The second one is stat-counter.org. This provider also offers the free counter visitors that can be applied in several websites such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot, and others. In addition, you can get the free counter visitor without any registration on the website. How to install the widget counter visitor by using this provider? Well, you can start by selecting the Stat Counter that you like. Then, choose a suitable color that can work well with your website theme. After that, you need to get the code by clicking “generate code”. After that, copy the generated code by using the right-click and copy code button. After that, you need to paste the generated code in the HTML paste of your website.

Another provider is hitwebcounter.com. This provider offers various types of counter visitors and all of them are free. You can choose the counter visitors that may work well with the Joomla, WordPress, BlogSpot, and Tumblr. In addition, the counter can be used as the PHP counter or ASP counter.


What is Widget Free Counter Visitor?

Managing the blog or website is not an easy thing to do. The digital era forces people to learn more about the blog and the website. These two media become a popular device to reach more people to interact through the virtual world. In order to see how many visitors a day to your website, you need to install a widget on your blog or website. The widget is called widget counter visitors.

What is a Widget Free Counter Visitor?

The widget free counter visitor is a kind of widget that can be used to count the number of visitors that visit your blog or website. The widget is available for free. You can browse it on the internet and find for free counter visitor that can be added to your blog. You can search how to add the code of the free widget counter visitor by reading the description stated in the blog.

By having the counter visitor, you can see how famous is your blog and check how many visitors read your blog. The number of visitors is important for the existence of the blog or a site. Take a look at an online gambling SBOBET site, and see how it has huge number of regular visitors they call online players.

It can give you a clue on how good you manage your blog and whether you need to improve the quality of the blog or not. You can take advantage of it to find some cash if your blog or website is famous.

How to Install It?

There is much information related to the free widget counter visitor that you can find online. In order to find the best free counter visitor with great performance, you need to conduct a little research on the internet. The valid information can be found through an online forum or with typing a significant keyword to get the best result. Don’t forget to read the review from other users before choosing a specific free counter visitor.

There are some ways to install the free widget for counting the number of visitors who visit your website. The first one is by copying the code and then pasting the code into your website. The second one is by clicking the application and dropping the counter visitor icon into the website display. Then, you can edit and add some value based on your preference.

The widget free counter visitor is a kind of widget that can be used to count the number of visitors that visit your blog or website. The widget is available for free. There are some ways to install the free widget for counting the number of visitors who visit your website.


The Best and Widget Free Counter Visitor for Blog

If you have a blog or any website, you may want to give some widgets as the features. One of the most common widgets is the counter visitor. This widget can be used to count how many visitors see the blog based on the cookie. Well, there are two types of widget counter visitors. The first one is the paid counter visitor. And, the second one is the free counter visitor. Being free doesn’t mean it has lower quality than the paid counter visitors. There are many widget free counter visitors that provide various designs, styles, and sizes of the free counter visitors. You can choose whatever you like.

The first one is the widget free counter visitors by “freecounterstat.com”. This provider offers various types of counter visitors and all of them are free. You can choose based on the form such as cross, diamond, rectangular, heart, square, star, and triangular. In addition, they also provide several categories such as animals, arts, boats, cars, character, Christmas, computer, dragon, motorcycle, flower, foods, gift, and others. In addition, this provider also offers the extension for the Chrome and Opera browser. You just need to choose the best counter visitors based on your purpose and style. Another provider is “freevisitorcounters.com”. This provider offers the counter visitor that can be used for homepage, websites, blogs, shops, forums, and even CMS or Content Management System. The counter visitors can work well with several website systems such as Blogspot, WordPress, MySpace, Xanga, Jimdo, Tumblr, Typo 3, and other systems. How to install the widget counter visitors from the freevisitorcounters.com? Well, what you need to do is just choosing and clicking on the selected style. Then, you need to copy the generated code and embed it on the homepage of your website. It is easy, isn’t it?

Another provider that can be chosen for selecting the widget free counter visitor is “guestscounter.com”. This provider offers various types of free counter visitors along with several advantages. The advantages of this provider are can load the counter quickly and provide the 100% free counter service. In addition, you don’t need to register when you want to use the counter of this provider. Moreover, the widget free counter visitors from this provider are also compatible with the blog and don’t need the CGI-bin directory. This widget also doesn’t need HTML knowledge. There are various styles and sizes of the counter visitors that can be chosen. You just need to select the best one.

Five Reasons Why You Need to Choose the Google Analytics Counter Tracker by WPAdm
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Five Reasons Why You Need to Choose the Google Analytics Counter Tracker by WPAdm

Five Reasons Why You Need to Choose the Google Analytics Counter Tracker by WPAdm – There are many free visitor counter plugins available in WordPress nowadays. You can display how many visitors to your website daily, weekly and monthly. Sometimes you can get confused which plugins that you should use. The Google Analytics Counter Tracker is one of the plugins that is widely used.

– It is Easy to Use
This WordPress plugin is not complicated to use. what you need to do is to download from wordpress.org. Then you will need to follow the simple instructions provided and you are ready to use it. You will need to have a Google Analytics account first, so you could link it to your analytics counter. Google Analytic Counter Tracker also has the support system which you can ask questions or report a bug. You can visit the website for any problems related to your site.

– There are Lots of Data That You Can Get
There are lots of data that you can get from this WordPress plugins including the overview of your audiences that can show about the page views, sessions and the duration, most popular pages and the most search keywords. You also can see which most countries by users that visit your page, identify your users by knowing the location, city and the browser. It also could show the statistics not only by day, week and month as other plugins but also hour and year.

– It is Fully-Compatible
This plugin is fully compatible with the WordPress which means you will get flawless experience when you download and use this plugin. With more than 40,000 active installations and 5 stars review, this plugin offers mobile-friendly design.

– It Supports Multiple Languages
This WordPress plugins offer multilingual analytics such as English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polski, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

– It is Free
Of course, this is also one of the most important aspects when choosing the visitor counter plugin. There is no hidden cost of this plugin. You also no need to be worried when you need to make a Google Analytic account first before you are able to use this service because the account is also free.

To summarize, Google Analytics Counter Tracker by WPAdm gave many benefits for the users such as the more detail statistics about the total visitor, support many languages, it is fully compatible and also free. So, do not hesitate to install this WordPress plugin to your website.

The Top List of Free Widget For Counter Visitor
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The Top List of Free Widget For Counter Visitor

The use of free widget for counter visitor is almost a must in any sites. There are plenty reasons why the developers do so. One of them is tracking the statistic, reviewing which posting works better than others. Therefore, many administrators are hunting for the best and free budget widget for their site.

This is one of the oldest and also the most popular widget counter among developers. It is a great support for those who are interested to monitor the overall visit. The widget could provide details of which article receives more attention, the country and the number of visitors per day. The users are also allowed to use map to show the countries.

Instead of reading the overall data, some administrators are adopting the costumer centered concept. Thus, personal visiting record will be much more preferred. In this case, clicktale would be the right widget to use. It keeps record of each visitors; from the first article they read until the last page they were at. There is also a record of visiting duration. Moreover, clicktale provides “heat map”, which refer to the most visited page.

The Top List of Free Widget For Counter Visitor

Who says free widget couldn’t be strong and details? Just take a look at clicky. It provides detailed information about the page visiting. It is also mentioned as the competitor for the other bigger names. Clicky is able to track the real time tracking record. If the users want to use more features, simply upgrade to paid versions! The free version is great, but the record is limited to 3000 views per day.

Try to look for Free Widget for Counter Visitor and the users will get tons of recommendation. The fastest way to get the best options is asking the experts or reading the review. Wanna try the recommended widget above?

The Advantages of Showing a Web Counter in Your Website

The Advantages of Showing a Web Counter in Your Website

One of the easy ways to measure the effectiveness of the website is by seeing how many total visitors on the website. Some web counters offer the service of showing the numbers on the website page. Here are the reasons why you need to show a web counter on your website page.

An Advertising Campaign for Your Website
By showing how many total visitors in the sidebar of the website, it could attract the visitors to stay in your website and explore the pages. Visitors will be more convinced with the content of the website when there are many visitors and also how many users are online at the same time. Therefore, many websites especially web forums prefer to have this web counter visible in the sidebar of the main page.

People are Encouraged to Open the Popular Posts
Another option that people show in the sidebar of the website is not only the total visitor by day, week and month. But they also put the information about the top countries of the visitors and the popular posts and searches. It could help the visitors to see what other visitors mostly search on the website page. It could also attract more visitors to click the popular posts that have been viewed by other visitors.

Showing which topics that are popular from your website could help the visitors to know if this is what they are looking for. For instance, if a visitor plan to have a Europe trip and see that this is a popular topic on your website, he or she will explore more for this topic from your website.

It Attracts for Potential Advertisers
Most websites make money from the advertisement page on their website. By showing the web counter in the sidebar of your main page, you can maintain the advertisers to keep their advertisement page in your website since they will know that their advertisements have been viewed by total numbers of visitors. When you have many visitors to your website, it also could attract potential advertisers. They will be more confident to place the advertisement in your website pages when they know that there will be many users visit the website so the chance of their advertisement being seen by the users is higher.

Therefore, seeing the benefits of showing a Web Counter on Your Website page, you may consider using this service. It is also easy to find this plugin since there are many free or paid web counter plugins that you can find online.

WordPress Friendly Free Widget For Counter Visitor
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WordPress Friendly Free Widget For Counter Visitor

The most popular site to install free widget for counter visitor is wordpress. Many people use this free site makers, as the template is easy to use and the steps are easy to follow. Within minutes, the wordpress account could be ready. Now, it is time to find widget that has good compatibility with wordpress.

– StatCounter
More than 500.000 users have downloaded the widget for their wordpress. Thanks to the popularity, it also gets the highest review among the other widgets. The experienced users love how they could monitor the most searched keyword, visitor path, and many other activities on the sites.

– Mechanic Visitor Counter
Simplicity is the key of its success. No hustle found while downloading the file. Wait for a moment to allow the uploading and installation process. After the widget has been successfully installed, simply drag it to the desired place. The widget starts working immediately, showing the total visit, today’s visitor, today’s hit, etc.

– Pulse Map Visitor World Map
Looking for a fancy way to show the visitors’ data? Then try this widget. Instead of boring box with numbers, it shows a map with blinking lights. As expected, the lights show the visitors location. Those who add the widget loves how the counter could serve as the accessory as well.

– Traffic Stats Widget
For an administrators who loves filtering and sorting the visitors’ data, then install no other than traffic stats widget. It technically gives the access to sort the track records. It could be by day, by articles, etc. The direction is so simple and clear as well. There is no need of manual book.

Believe it or not, some free widget for counter visitor couldn’t work properly in wordpress setting. There are lots of reasons, but the users are not buying it. They want something nice for their site. Taking one of the suggestion above is the most effective.

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Increasing Your Selling With Free Widget For Counter Visitor
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Increasing Your Selling With Free Widget For Counter Visitor

How many functions of free widget for counter visitor users know? First of all, it is used to list the number of visitors and their articles or pages preference. Is it the end? With this kind of statistic, there are more functions to increase selling. How does it work?

– The System
The counter widget could help online store to increase sales by giving lots of social proof. It includes the testimonials or even the profile of the buyers. Thus, the new visitors could see the real buyers number that have bought the products. This trick is very effective to lure new visitors to make a purchase.

Now that the administrator understands the favorite products, a sale period could be published. Upon seeing the notification, the visitors might think it is the only opportunity to get the special offer. Moreover, if there are lots of buyers who have bought similar products.

– Free Or Paid?
All the strong tactics to increase sale from this widget counter could be accessed for free for seven days only. Enjoy the greatest support from a widget for users’ sites. The administrators could even monitor the visit via tablet or smart phones. The setting is fully responsive to smaller size screen.

On day eight, however, the counter support is no longer available. The users have two choice: take down the widget or pay fair amount of money to upgrade the widget. The price is neither too high or too low. For monthly payment, it only takes around $3 per month.

While selling things online, the free widget for counter visitor plays even more essential role more than just a mere counter. For example, the administrator could track which product is sold more, which trend gains more costumers, etc. Probably the only turn down is the payment after free trial session ends.

Why StatCounter is a Free Widget for Counter Visitor You Should Consider
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Why StatCounter is a Free Widget for Counter Visitor You Should Consider

There is a certain emergence nowadays in online world. It is about online business, online sales, online shopping platforms, and any other things related to this online era. That being said, it is obviously needed for business owners to use a free widget for counter visitor. Of all widgets out there, StatCounter is immensily worth using. Why so?

StatCounter in Brief
StatCounter is such a revolutionary tool in answering the need of counting visitors. This widget is able to provide the users with detailed and complete statistical insight into the visitor traffic. This widget is also able to provide its users with the counts of anyone currently online, any visitors coming by yesterday, as well as the overall count. The users can really benefit from those insights especially for formulating new technique of sales, devising strategies of marketing, promoting particular products, and others.

The Comprehensive Statistics
What is so great about StatCounter is that it can provide the users with comprehensive statistics. StatCounter enables the users to obtain comprehensive insights of visitors last day, per day, currently online, and overall count. This widget is also able to provide comprehensive insights of the number of visitors the website gets every day. Those statistical data will surely be beneficial in identifying which days of the week and of which week of the month the website is getting the most attention from visitors. This is surely of excellent help for business owners who are planning to feature a live chat or such assistance to the users logging in at the website at a particular point of time.

StatCounter is such a free widget for counter visitor every website owner and business owner needs. This widget’s ability to do the business is so awesome and is so beneficial. Do you want to give it a try?

The Advantages of Using a Web Counter
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The Advantages of Using a Web Counter

When you visit a website, sometimes you will see on the right or left side is the number of visitors on the website. That’s a visible visitor counter widget. Most websites have these statistics but shown only for admin which means it is invisible on the website. There are lots of benefits to

A Measurement Tool for Your Website
Using a web counter is important for the website owner to measure if the website already effective or not. If the number of visitors is still lower than what the website owner expects, the owner could consider improving the website by changing the layout and design, put more unique content and etc.

It Offers More Than a Visitor Counter
Most web counter plugins providers offer more than a visitor counter by day, week, month and a year. There are also some plugins providers such as W3Counter Free Real-Time Web Stats which offer more benefits such as knowing the top countries of visitors, the top searches and popular post. It could help the website owner to analyze if the website already hit the right target of the market and which topic that the users visit more.

It is a Great Marketing Campaign
Some web counter plugins could be shown in the sidebar of the main page. This could be a great marketing campaign for the business. When the users can see a big number of visitors it could gain the confidence from the user to explore the web page or to purchase the product from the website. Another benefit will be to gain more advertisers to your web page. when the advertisers see the big number of visitors, they will be more convinced to place the advertisement on the website.

It is an Easy Plugin to Install and Use for a Beginner
Most web counter plugins are very easy to use for a beginner. You will need to download and read the instruction to install it to your WordPress. It also shows the data statistics that are easy to read and support multiple languages. Some of recommended visitor counter free plugins are Google Analytics Counter Tracker WordPress Plugin, ADS-WP Site Count Plugin, Who Hit the Page Visitor Counter WordPress Plugin and W3Counter Free Real-Time Web Stats.

To summarize, installing a web counter plugin in the WordPress site will help you to measure the effectiveness of the website, whether you have the right target or not for the visitors and to know about which pages that they visitors are interested more from the website.

Why You Should Choose Jetpack by Automattic for WordPress Statistic Plugins
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Why You Should Choose Jetpack by Automattic for WordPress Statistic Plugins

One of the effective ways for the website owner to check if the WordPress site is successful or not is by installing a visitor counter plugin. Nowadays, there are many WordPress Plugins providers which offer more than a visitor counter. One of them is Jetpack Automattic. Here are five advantages that you could have by using Jetpack Automattic.

It Offers Many Features
By installing the Jetpack plugins, you will get more features than other plugins. You could design and customize your WordPress site with many themes that suitable with various sites. You also will get the delivery network of high-speed image and video. Since it is made by Automattic which is also a company that makes and maintains WordPress, this plugin could integrate smoothly with the official WordPress mobile apps.

It Offers Many Features

Great Tool to Measure the Marketing and Performance
Jetpacks offer site stats and analytics that could be explored by admin. You will get an updated site traffic, site searches, comments, popular posts all in the real time. You will also be able to schedule in advance for the post in your social media sites. The readers also will be shown automatically the related content, so it will help to increase the page views.

It Has Reliable Backups and Security Services
By using Jetpacks plugin, you will be less worry about how secure the system is. It offers malware scanning, automated threat solution, and also has the secure logins with optional two times authentication. You also will not be afraid with loss of your date since it also features daily backups for the entire pages in the website.

Faster Performance
Jetpacks also claim that the load pages faster and it will help to improve the speed of the website. The Jetpack’s site accelerator also will control your SEO, and provide the analytics by images and static file from Jetpack’s global network of servers so you will use less bandwidth usage

Free and Paid Service
Jetpacks offer two kinds of service; free and paid one. The Paid Service divided into three categories: Personal which starts from USD$ 3.9 per month, Premium that will cost USD$ 9 per month and Professional which costs USD$ 29 per month. Of course, when the cost is higher it will give more features. Nevertheless, the free Jetpacks also offers many basic features that you can try first before investing in the paid service.

JetPacks by Automattic gives more benefits for the user and not only in the scope of giving the data of visitors and the popular posts. With more than five million active installations, JetPacks become one of the popular plugins that WordPress users use for many purposes.

How to Choose Free Widget for Counter Visitor
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How to Choose Free Widget for Counter Visitor

Every website and page owner needs to embed a widget that can help them count the visitors of their website and page. Yet, not all widgets out there are worth trying. Find out the criteria of recommended free widget for counter visitor below:

Simple yet Comprehensive
The first criterion of free widget for counter visitor that you should always keep in mind is that it should be simple yet comprehensive. The counter should give you a simple graphical counter, simple tracking system, and simply text counter, all of which, although simple, can provide you with comprehensive and clear visitor stats for you. Choosing a simple counter visitor here doesn’t mean choosing just any widget. The information offered by the widget must be complete. The widget may be simple but it still needs to be thorough.

No Registration
The next criterion of recommended free widget for counter visitor you should always consider is the absence of registration. A recommended widget for counter visitor should be able to be used immediately without the need of signing up or such things. It is important to choose widget for counter visitor that doesn’t require you to provide first and last name, email address, address, and other personal data. If that is what happens when you are using a widget for counter visitor, your personal data will always be completely safe. Don’t bother using a widget for counter visitor that requires you to input many personal data. The maker of the widget may end up using your personal data for something else.

There are lots of free widgets for counter visitor out there. Yet, always make sure that you choose the ones that is simple yet comprehensive and the ones requiring you no registration. Choose your widget wisely while keeping your personal data safely as well.

Simple Visitor Counter Widget
Frequently Asked Questions

Simple Visitor Counter Widget

A Free Widget for Counter Visitor You Should Try!

The need of having a free widget for counter visitor is inevitable. This widget is needed to give owner of web pages a clear picture of who have visited their page. Although what is needed is a free widget, it doesn’t mean we can use just any widget for counter visitor. If you don’t know what widget to use, you may have never heard of Simple Visitor Counter Widget.

Simple Visitor Counter Widget in Brief
To begin with, let’s see what kind of widget for counter visitor it is. This widget gives a clear picture of daily, weekly, and even monthly count of visitors of a web page. This widget can even help you count the up to date page traffic thoroughly and also safely. Besides, this widget is also able to show you the current visitors of your web page.

Simple Visitor Counter Widget

How to Use the Widget
In addition to the accurate display of page visitors, this widget is also simple to use. If you want to use this widget, you only need to download it then install the widget thru the directory of WordPress. You can install Simple Visitor Counter Widget in any widget, footer, or sidebar that is provided by the theme of your webpage. That’s all what you need to do to use this widget.

The Advantages
Another reason why you should try this widget is that Simple Visitor Counter Widget is easy to use and to setup. The use and also the setup of this widget only take few seconds. Besides, this widget is also very easy to download. What you need is just click on the button of download and the extract the downloaded document from a .zip file. Last but not least, this widget has no 3rd party and is free!

What else can we ask from a free widget for counter visitor? Simple Visitor Counter Widget has it all already. Go get it and install it at your web page soon!

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